SEO First Page Results? An Uncertain Entity

When hiring a SEO specialist, many people believe that a SEO agency can guarantee first page results for your selected keywords, but frankly even though it sounds tempting, it’s also a myth and at times even a scam. Such agencies can only keep up with their promise by giving you first page results for keywords with less competition or by using bleak SEO techniques with effects that are short lived once Google analyzes your website properly. Even though agencies offer money-back guarantees, one must not be lured in by them.

Firstly, it’s important to know that search engines are not controlled by any individual, but by algorithms set by developers that can adapt and rank results accordingly. If people were granted the ability to modify ranking, the search engines would eventually fail and this is why Google is one of the top search engines are its algorithms are unbiased and efficient. If any SEO agency can guarantee first page results due to a contract with Google, they’re trying to con you and working with them shouldn’t be an option for you.

Search Engines have the ability to modify itself based on the competition and therefore unless the SEO expert has access to Google Algorithm and can even stop other websites from reaching the top, no SEO agency can guarantee first page results.  Another factor that makes SEO difficult is the different type of datacenter Google uses, which means each search query can have different results. Furthermore if the user is logged in, Google analyses the users previous search behavior and modifies its search results based on that and various factors such as geographical location are taken into condition and thus making SEO more and more complex.

Even though tempting you with money-back guarantees, one must not involve themselves with such agencies are their illegal SEO policies can get you blacklisted in search engines whilst your money is wasted on irrelevant keywords and ghost traffic that does not help with the growth of your website. Like advertisements in the marketing industry, no agency can guarantee you the number of clicks a banner gets or the number of people that contact you after seeing an ad in the newspaper and therefore similarly, it’s impossible for someone to guarantee you first page results unless they’re trying to trick you and this is why one must be constantly vigilant against such tricksters.

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